KUSA - Spring has finally arrived! With all the moisture Colorado has received at the start of the season, it's important to remember that keeping lawns green is about more than just watering.

9NEWS spoke with a landscape expert about key tips, including fertilizing your lawn, sprinkler usage and producing a good root growth to take off some of the heat stress during the summer.

Key tips for a green lawn:

• Springtime is prep time for unknown, upcoming weather

• Aerating and fertilizing lawns are important tools to add moisture. Make sure to follow the directions to accurately divide soil evenly across yards.

• Set timers when watering lawns with sprinklers. Over watering lawns is just the same as over watering house plants. Examine the soil and grass to see if it needs watering.

• Rabbit feces can harm lawns by leaving killing sections of grass. A good pest repellent can lessen rabbits from leaving droppings behind.