FORT COLLINS - A court has ordered Facebook to hand over information about pages created in March that featured derogatory posts and photos of Fort Collins teen girls.

The pages prompted concern among parents, students and educators over the effects of the posts that labeled girls as sexually promiscuous.

With investigations ongoing, Rocky Mountain High School Resource Officer Matt Johnson on Friday said he couldn't discuss details of the warrant, signed this week by an 8th Judicial District judge. He declined to say whether it addressed specific individuals or controversial pages that featured photos of scantily-clad young women from high schools across Fort Collins and talk of illegal and sexual activities at Poudre High School.

He also declined to say whether the warrant mentioned specific IP addresses, the unique numerical label attached to each computer or network. Johnson wasn't sure how long it could take Facebook to compile the records requested.

The Coloradoan was unable to immediately obtain a copy of the search warrant for review.

"We're definitely in a holding pattern for the moment until we can get more information," Johnson said of the investigation that started late last month with creation of pages on Facebook including "Fossil Chicks," "Nasty Chicks of FoCo" and "Impala Confessions."

Johnson said it's "relatively common" for officers and investigators to work with a judge to submit search warrants to Facebook. And while he didn't immediately know of specific cases, he said the same goes for other cases linked to Poudre School District.

This one "has a different flavor," however, because it involves so many people, he said.

At this time, the page creator or creators' identities are unknown. Even if police and PSD find out who they are, federal law protects their name from being made public.