DENVER - A man wielding a knife leads police on a chase through Capitol Hill including the property of the Governor's Mansion after a botched burglary attempt.

"He was on the loose. We saw cops just trailing the whole neighborhood and heard them say, 'We got him. We got him.'" said Brandon Sims, witness.

Police say a man tried to steal items from a garage near the intersection of 8th Avenue and Pearl Street when the homeowner caught him in the act.

"The guy took off and ran," said Sonny Jackson, spokesperson for the Denver Police Department. "He ran down possibly Logan, Penn that area. Jumped into the Governor's property. Jumped back out then came back up 7th Avenue."

The State Patrol says security noticed right away and placed the entire Governor's residence in lockdown. The only people inside the residence at the time were a tour group.

"It sounds like he just crossed the Governor's property, which is a high secure property and drew a lot of attention which is the way it's supposed to," said Jackson.

After leading police chase in a four block loop, the man ended up on a second floor balcony with holding police at bay momentarily with a knife.

"While he was there, he made threats that he was going to hurt himself, put a knife to his throat, threatened to hurt himself," said Jackson.

Sims says he and other neighbors stopped to watch and could not turn away.

"We didn't feel like we were in any danger," said Sims. "So, we just kept watching."

After about 15 minutes, police officers convinced the man to give up peacefully.

"Unfortunately, he could've done different things, but the officers are trained to do this and you never know in any situation how it's going to play itself out," said Jackson.

Sims says this episode reminds him and other neighbors that crimes like this can happen, even in broad daylight.

"As a newlywed with a wife at home now, you've got to kind of think about somebody else in the house and their safety, as well," said Sims. "It's something that will be on the forefront of my mind, for sure."

Jackson says now that weather is getting warmer, be mindful of leaving windows and doors open.

"We're getting into a time of year when we're getting into a lot more burglaries and things like that pick up because of opportunity," said Jackson.

Police have not identified the suspect. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of wounds he suffered climbing through a broken window, according to investigators.

"I don't know what his story was, but holding a knife to your own throat on a standoff, obviously, he had some intentions where we don't know where the story could've ended," said Sims.