DENVER - When it comes to gas, it all comes down to saving money at the pump.

Imagine if there was a way to almost bypass the gas station entirely? University of Colorado at Denver students may have the answer.

As a part of the Shell Eco-Marathon Contest, a team of students competed to develop the most fuel efficient vehicle and took first place in their division of the competition.

Their car, which had a carbon fiber body and ran off pure hydrogen, had a fuel efficiency of 209 miles per gallon.

Ryan Anderson, the team's spokesperson, said it was exciting to be a part of growing technologies.

"This is a glimpse at the future at different types of efficiencies and fuels we can use," Anderson said.

Anderson said though his team had been working on the technology through a class, they built the car in less than a month. The team won $2,000 as a prize for their first-place finish.

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Rose Heaphy contributed to this article.