KUSA - Here are five things not many people know about civil unions:

1. Straight couples can get a civil union. Nothing in the law says they can't. Perhaps some people who don't want to remarry for religious reasons would want a civil union.

2. Breaking up can be hard to do - if civil union couples move to states that don't recognize them. Just ask the same sex couples with marriages from Canada or other states. They have trouble getting divorced - technically, 'dissolving their unions' in Colorado.

3. Civil unions can have prenups. But since there's no nups - or nuptials -they are called pre-union agreements.

4. Not everyone gets equal insurance. Many employers, including the state, will cover civil union partners. Some employers, like the federal government, will not.

5. Civil unions cannot be converted into marriage. If one partner is transgendered and ends up changing their gender officially - making for a man and woman in the civil union - that couple's only chance at marriage would be to dissolve their civil union first.