KUSA - Some sweet faces are sure to steal your heart and hope to make a way into your home. Ten puppies rescued in Texas were flown here to Colorado and are up for adoption.

The puppies were found hidden under a pile of logs - after a man named Kevin Miller spotted their mom nearby - in a place just outside Houston where stray dogs are often left to fend for themselves.

Miller works with an organization called "Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward." He says the volunteer group goes out with food and water for the homeless dogs in the areas - and rescue the ones they can.

On one of his trips, Miller says he found an emaciated female dog, who was missing one leg. He did not know how she lost her leg, but says she was found near train tracks. When he noticed she was lactating - and he figured puppies must be nearby. He was right.

When he found the puppies, he took them - and their mom - to a huge kennel where she nursed her puppies. Miller says he spent two weeks nursing mom back to health.

Mountain Pet Rescue brought the puppies here - knowing the people of Colorado will give them good forever homes.

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The mother dog is scheduled to be spayed on May 1, 2013. Miller says she is just about fully house trained. She will be brought to Colorado soon, where she too hopes to find a forever home.