KUSA - Jake Jabs says things are harder now than when he founded American Furniture Warehouse back in 1975.

That's why he donated $10 million to the University of Colorado-Denver's Business School: to help future entrepreneurs succeed in a changing world.

"I've been speaking to [CU's] entrepreneurship class for the last seven years," Jabs said. "Little by little over the past seven years, I've seen the interest grow and it seems like right now there's just a lot of interest in entrepreneurship."

The donation is largest in CU-Denver's history.

Jabs, who also gave $25 million to Montana State University, said he hopes the new program will give students studying a vast array of disciplines - from nursing to engineering - some basic business knowledge.

"Today, I think everybody needs some classes in business. We're trying to do that at MSU," Jabs said. "I wish I would've had more business courses."

Those business courses, Jabs added, can't be a substitute for passion.

"I think if you're in business today, you've got to have a passion for what you do," Jabs said. "And if you don't have a passion for what you do, you probably should do something else."