KUSA - Nathan Dunlap faces execution as early as August for the shooting deaths at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in suburban Denver in 1993.

He was convicted and sentenced to be executed in 1996, and the U.S. Supreme Court turned down his last guaranteed appeal in February. In April, a judge scheduled Dunlap's execution for the week of Aug. 18, with the day to be set by prison officials.

Colorado has executed only one person in the last 45 years.

With that in mind, 9NEWS Crime and Justice Reporter wanted to remind viewers of the process a death-row inmate would go through if they were to be executed.

According to the Department of Corrections, there is no statutory timeline with which the judge has to set a date for the execution.

The death warrant comes out of the county itself where the offender was sentenced. The court or the judge signs the warrant and then it is served to the Department of Corrections' executive director who picks the date of the execution.

The DOC needs a warrant from the judge to pick a date and a time. Chief Judge William Sylvester signed the death warrant for Nathan Dunlap on May 1.


The executive director signs the record book after the execution that has all the names and dates of the people executed in Colorado.

Hickenlooper hasn't said how he would respond to a request for clemency. He met Friday and Saturday with victims' family members and others to hear their views.