FORT COLLINS - It's a fear many of us have: getting stuck in an elevator.

That fear came true Tuesday for a reporter from the Fort Collins Coloradoan, whose parent company also owns 9NEWS.

Robert Allen took to Twitter when he found himself trapped in an elevator at the Larimer County Courthouse. He was freed after deputies pried the doors open.

Here are Allen's tweets from inside the stuck elevator:

@robertallenCO: I'm stuck in the elevator. Help!
@robertallenCO: At Larimer courthouse.
@robertallenCO: Felt a big drop and jolt. Been in here about 5 minutes. Pretty warm in here.
@robertallenCO: Just tried to pry open the door. Wouldn't budge
@robertallenCO: And that's Larimer Justice Center. Maybe floor 5
@robertallenCO: Going on 20 minutes now. Just heard a knock. Somebody is coming with tools
@robertallenCO: I see light through the crack
@robertallenCO: I see deputies
@robertallenCO: I'm free!

"I think in the year 2013, being stuck in an elevator with a good 50 percent of my phone battery left, I wasn't that worried. And that's why I got on Twitter because I had a feeling somewhere, somebody out there cared that Robert Allen, reporter for the Coloradoan, was stuck in an elevator. And sure enough, they did!" Allen said.