COLORADO SPRINGS- Many residents in Colorado Springs are facing an increased risk for mudslides and flooding on Wednesday.

According to an El Paso County Emergency Management spokesperson, the Waldo Canyon Fire burn area and homes northwest of the region will be susceptible to an increased flood threat for years to come.

On Tuesday evening, the city and the county held their fifth meeting for residents informing them about the high risk areas and encouraging them to have an individual plan of action. Officials say people should know where they will go if they have to leave their home, they should have non-perishable foods and other needed items if they're trapped in their homes due to flooded roads and downed power lines.

The city and county have done mitigation work throughout the area which includes planting new vegetation and laying down straw barriers.

Residents who face an imminent for flooding will receive a notification. In some cases, the county says there may only be a few minutes to grab some belongings and leave.

The city says the have passed out thousands of sandbags over the last few weeks.