LAND O'LAKES, Wis. - A Wisconsin woman's tasty creation makes her a millionaire. Karen Weber-Mendham won a contest to create a new Lay's potato-chip flavor.

She beat out 3.8 million other people with her Cheesy Garlic Bread idea. Karen says she's not the kind of person who usually plays the lottery or enters contests, and she's going to be practical with her $1 million prize.

"Three kids, college, braces for two of them ... looking for Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons to cook and clean," Weber-Mendham said. "Someone said, 'Well if they have another contest, are you going to enter?' Uh, no. I think i used up all my lifetime karma right here. We're good. We're good."

Lay's will manufacture the Cheesy Garlic Bread-flavored chips through the end of the year.