DENVER - A water-main break near Interstate 25 and 15th Street Thursday evening flooded parts of the area and snarled traffic. Residents in the area were without water.

Water was pouring down from the 15th Street bridge onto I-25, reducing the southbound lanes. Traffic was backed up for miles.

Water was also flooding parts of West 29th Avenue and seeping into homes and businesses along the street.

The area where the rupture occurred is under construction. It's not known if the water damaged the recently-poured concrete on the 15th Street bridge.

Denver Water crews were eventually able to shut off a 24-inch water main at 29th Avenue and Zuni Street. They were working to isolate the break.

Denver Water identified a longer section of the pipe that needed to be repaired, which meant the crew had to excavate an additional section of the road.

Approximately seven blocks on 29th Avenue between Federal Boulevard and Vallejo Street are without water.

Denver water says approximately 40 residential units including one apartment building and three commercial buildings are without water.

They are currently delivering bottled water to customers impacted by the water outage.

29th Avenue remains closed between Zuni Street and Wyandot Street and will remain closed until repairs are complete.

Denver Water has provided bottled water to the customers impacted by the water outage. Water will be restored once repairs to the pipe are completed.

It's not known what caused the water main to break.The pipes are more than 50 years old, according to Denver Water.

Crews say cleanup and repairs to the street may take days dueto the size of the rupture.

It is estimated that 5 million gallons of water was lost when the water main ruptured. That is approximately 2 percent of average daily use for this time of year.