KUSA – Yes, we know it's Super Bowl weekend (you can watch the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots battle for the Lombardi Trophy on 9NEWS at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday).

But there are also plenty of other things going on, from an International Snow Sculpture Championship (where there probably will not be a "deflategate" scandal) to a Steampunk celebration in Durango (which Tom Brady will not attend) to the chance to reconnect with lost loved ones (we're talking about a medium who is coming to Greeley).

And if you need to blow off some steam because you're still emotional that the Broncos couldn't capitalize on their early-season promise, then you can also throw spoons at a movie screen while yelling obscenities.

As for Super Bowl skiing? It's not really a secret anymore, but feel free to do it anyway.

Have a great weekend!

International Snow Sculpture Championships –Jan. 27-31-Breckenridge http://bit.ly/15JxA4d

You're probably sick of the movie "Frozen," but we're going to reference it anyway: "Do you want to build a snowman?" Your answer to that question doesn't really matter, because the artists at the International Snow Sculpture Championships are upping the ante on the whole snowman thing, and instead building something far more impressive. The sculptures are located in the area around the Riverwalk Center, and since this is a democracy, you can vote for your favorite. Also be sure to check out the Ice Village, where the carvings actually glow. The best part? Looking at all of the sculptures is free! And, if you park in the courthouse lot, that's free as well.

Steampunk Snowdown –Jan. 28-Feb. 1 –Durangohttp://bit.ly/1yOxROS

There are lots of mountain festivals this time of year, but few of them have an actual Steampunk Theme. What is Steampunk, you ask? It combines Victorian-era clothing with a big dose of steam technology – think H.G. Wells or the (terrible) Will Smith movie "Wild, Wild West." This year's Snowdown events include a burger eat-off, water-slide-athon, wine tasting, Steampunk Speed Dating (just in time for Valentine's Day), a karaoke contest, a beard competition and much, much more.

World-renowned medium comes to UCCC – Jan. 30 – Greeley http://bit.ly/1yOy7NA

If you're like the author's former roommates and have spent many a night crying while watching "Long Island Medium," then this event is for you. Medium James Van Praagh will head to Greeley, where he'll bring messages that organizers say will bring "solace, peace and spiritual insights, changing the view of both life and death for millions." Tickets range from $23 to $30 and are available online by checking out the link above.

Local band SHEL plays at Hodi's – Jan. 30 – Fort Collins http://noconow.co/15R6lnW

Fort Collins-grown sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook are coming back home after a stint finding success in the Nashville music scene. The alk-folk band has been featured on a Nicholas Sparks movie soundtrack and will soon have their muic in the MTV thriller series "Eye Candy." They played their first concert, though, at Hodi's Halfnote, and that's where they're returning this Friday. Tickets start at $8 for presale and $13 for day-of purchases, plus a $5 cover for anyone younger than 21.

The Room –Jan. 30 –Esquire Theatre, Denver http://bit.ly/1CsUKID

It's Oscar season, and that means folks are spending a lot of their time trying to see as many good movies as possible so that they're familiar with the nominees. But if well-structured plotlines, realistic dialogue and strong acting performances aren't your thing, then it's time to see "The Room." This cult classic features everything from stilted acting to unfinished plotlines (a character admits to having breast cancer but it's never mentioned again) to brilliant lines like "You're tearing me apaht, Lisa!" It's also the only opportunity to throw lots of spoons at a movie screen without fear of retribution. Much like the "Rocky Horror Picture Show," audience participation is encouraged. For ticket information, check out the link above. Also, be sure to get caffeinated (or take a nap) beforehand: the movie starts at midnight.

Clutch Con –Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 –Denverhttp://bit.ly/1yPLwDY

This isn't another Tetris tournament. This ode to all things gaming is projected to be the single biggest video game event to ever take place in Denver. International gaming celebrities – like Frnatic and Cloud9, as well as female CS:GO teams Ubinited and Team Karma will compete for a $15,000 prize in a Counter Strike: Global Offensive Tournament. Amateur gamers will compete for $5,000 in prizes in a tournament featuring games like Riot's League of Legends, Nintendo's Super Smash Bros and Hearthstone. Every night, Denver DJs will give gamers the chance to dance the night away, and Cosplayers will compete for $500 in prizes in Saturday's competition.

So-Gnar Snowmadgeddon at Ruby Hill –Jan. 31 –Denver http://bit.ly/1yJAlOg

You don't have to sit in Interstate 70 traffic to enjoy a totally awesome snowboarding event. This free event features local snowboarders, food, drinking and a performance by local band made good Air Dubai. You can also potentially win a customer Never Summer Snowboard. The dates open at 10 a.m., and the event itself lasts from noon to 8 p.m.

Kicker Arenacross – Jan. 31 – National Western Complex - http://bit.ly/1JJ2RTL

A complex that was once filled with livestock will now become alive with the sound of motorcycles. This indoor race series features Metal Mulisha, which features some members who have won X-Games gold medals. They'll do some tricks that you definitely shouldn't try at home (or outside of your home, for that matter), and you can also catch some other top motorcyclists as they do crazy stuff. Tickets range from $16 to $22 for adults, and $11 to $17 for kids in advance, and $18 to $24 for adults and $13 to $19 for kids at the door.

Watch the Super Bowl (or go skiing) – Feb. 1 – Location TBD

You probably don't need an internet to-do list to tell you that the Super Bowl is on Sunday. But if you've somehow missed the fact that two teams who are not the Broncos are battling for a trophy in between funny commercials and a Katy Perry concert, then we'll let you know that they are, and you can watch it on 9NEWS starting at 4:30 p.m. And if you don't feel like watching, Colorado's ski resorts are (slightly) less crowded on Super Bowl Sunday (they used to not be crowded at all, but now, it feels like pretty much everyone skis during the Super Bowl…). Pro tip: since the game starts at 4:30 p.m., you can still watch it AND get a full day of skiing in. You can also watch 9NEWS after wards. Check out our full Super Bowl coverage here: http://on9news.tv/1Di5Nmu


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