KUSA - If bugling elk, quilts, beer, soccer, apples, a Celtic/Oktoberfest, Wild West show or chocolate-themed 5K don't tickle your fancy, then read no further.

This weekend in Colorado features nothing if not a pretty darn diverse group of events, from a huge quilt show to a Celtic Fest rapidly followed by an Oktoberfest in the same mountain town (because why not?).

Also happening is the chance to catch the Colorado Rapids in action and a beer festival in Denver which is not the Great American Beer Fest (see what we did there?).

Celtic Fest and OktoberfestOct. 3-4 – Carbondale http://bit.ly/1mN9gT2

Think of this weekend as a European vacation, except it's in Colorado. It starts with Celtic Fest, where you have the chance to toast the Emerald Isle with bagpipes, beer and Celtic tunes. Beer will also be involved the next day, only you'll be celebrating German culture at Oktoberfest. In addition, you can test your merit during the liter holding and nail-driving contests, dance the hokey pokey (which, for the record, is what it's all about) and listen to live music from local bands.

Denver Beer FestOct. 3-5 http://denv.co/1qvF9y4

If you're currently looking for ideas for things to do this weekend (i.e. this list), it's probably safe to say that you were not lucky enough to score Great American Beer Festival tickets. This doesn't mean you can't attend a festival, involving beer, in Denver this weekend though! This event features everything from brewery tours to beer tastings to meet the brewer events. Check out the full schedule at the link above.

Castle Rock Biannual Quilt ShowOct. 3-5 - http://bit.ly/1yzE2HZ

Quilts are cool because they're functional in that they have the ability to keep you warm, but they're usually pretty and hold memories (pardon the cheesiness of this sentence). This free public showcase features, as its name implies, lots of quilts, wall-hangings, miniature quilts, baby/lap quilts, wearable art and home décor items made by Colorado artists. This event is free and open to the public.

FarmFest 2014 – Oct. 4. – Stapleton http://bit.ly/1uCDluQ

We often write about events with live music (especially bluegrass), and since it's fall, both hays rides and pumpkins also tend to make appearances. But what makes this event special is Cosplay…and by Cosplay, we mean a historical reenactment involving the 10th Cavalry Drill Team in an Old West Show. You can also take part in 20 different Carnival Games including Rope a Dogie, Feed a Cow, Spin the Wheel and the classic horseshoe toss. If all of this activity makes you hungry (or worse… hangry), have no fear! In addition to beer and barbecue, caramel apples are also rumored to make an appearance.

Penrose Apple Day Parade – Oct. 4 -- Penrosehttp://bit.ly/Ztf8u2

The Apple Days website refers to this 75-year-old event as a "Norman Rockwell sort of picture-perfect country setting." If this isn't enough of an endorsement, think about this: it's a day dedicated to apples, aka the fruit that is rumored to keep the doctor away if you eat one every day. The all-day celebration starts with breakfast in the park, followed by a parade, the crowning of an Apple Day queen, the eating of Apple Day dumplings, country music and dancing. Since it is America, one would be remiss not to mention apple pie.

Elk Fest – Oct. 4-5 - http://bit.ly/1uooiEW

If you're in Rocky Mountain National Park during the fall enjoying some leaf peeping, you may have been lucky enough to hear the haunting call of an elk bugle, a noise so unique that it has pretty much inspired a fall festival: the aptly-named Elk Fest. This event features bugling contests, education areas, Native American music, dancing, storytelling, elk-viewing bus tours, a performance by a popular bluegrass band and, of course, plenty of food and beer. The festival is free, but the bus tours cost $5. And, as with most events, food and drink is extra.

SpokesBUZZ Band Swap Homecoming Weekends – Oct. 4 – 5 - http://noconow.co/1tiEwtI

Discovering new bands is not just a great way to expand your aural horizons, but also a way to impress your more "hipster" friends. It's an opportunity that will not be in short supply when BandSwap returns to its Fort Collins home after a cross country tour. This year's genres range from everything from metal and noise to Cajun to country to… well, pretty much everything. Both local and national acts will be on display at numerous cool Fort Collins venues.

Hot Chocolate 15/5kOct. 5 - Denver http://bit.ly/1uHjTcs

As the name implies, there is both chocolate and running involved in this event, which gives you the chance to exercise, check out some of Denver's most scenic spots, and then negate the fact that the whole exercise thing even happened by offering you delectable fondue (as well as hot chocolate). Both the 5K and 15k (which is 9.3 miles) start and finish at Civic Center Park and involve a nice little jaunt through downtown Denver. After the race, while enjoying your chocolate, jam out to a live DJ and pose with giant Hot Chocolate inflatables (we don't know what this entails either). Another point of interest? With your registration fee comes a pretty sweet hoodie. Registration for the 5k is $50 and $74 for the 15k.

Seattle Sounders at Colorado Rapids – Oct. 5 – Dick's Sporting Goods Park http://bit.ly/1kOT2rF

Even though the World Cup ended a while ago, that doesn't mean you can't still can't watch soccer, specifically, our amazing hometown team as they battle the Seattle Sounders. It's your second-to-last chance to catch the Rapids at home during the regular season (their last home game is against FC Dallas on Oct. 18). The game starts at 1 p.m., and tickets start at $29.


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