KUSA - Fire restrictions are in place in counties including Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe and Park. Those restrictions also apply to state parks in those counties. Park rangers say those rules will be strictly enforced.

Park Ranger Robert Seel says cooking on an open fire in any state park is restricted, but there are some retractions at the Cherry Creek State Park.

"You can have a propane grill and what that means is specially for cooking or warming food," Seel said.

Charcoal grills are also allowed at the Cherry Creek state park in Arapahoe county, but that's not the case everywhere.

Jennifer Churchill, spokeswoman for Parks and Wildlife says Barr Lake, Spinney Mountain, Eleven Mile and Eldorado Canyon State Parks have restricted the use of charcoal and propane grills. Even smoking cigarettes outside in open areas is prohibited, but rangers say the restrictions can change daily.

"What we have for the fire ban today may not coincide with what we had yesterday or tomorrow," Seel said.

Ranger say because fire restrictions vary from county to county.

Anyone with a question should ask them or visit the state parks website.

The general rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution because rangers say even if you start an unintentional fire it could result in fines or even jail time.