LAKEWOOD-A panel of law enforcement experts found several weaknesses that led up to the fatal shooting of Agent James Davies last fall.

Davies was accidentally shot by a fellow police officer during a shots-fired call last November. Agent DJ Braley thought Davies was the suspect behind a fence.

Among some of the panel's findings:

-A lack of training among some of the officers. The sergeant on scene did not take the role of incident commander
-A command post should have been established and the SWAT team should have been called to deal with a barricaded suspect
-Agent Davies should have used a flashlight, which would have helped identify him as an officer

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From the report:

"Given the totality of the circumstances considering Agent Davies' attire; communications; experiences at the scene; positioning; and his likely visual, audio, and cognitive processes; and Agent Braley's training; experience; briefing; observations; cognitive processing, and human physiological responses to extreme stress, the tragic conclusion to the incident was almost predetermined"

From Chief Kevin Paletta on the report:

"The Davies family will forever be in our hearts as we continue to heal from Lakewood's first line of duty death. The tragedy of Agent James Davies death on November 9th was compounded by the fact that he was killed by a fellow agent. Given that, the Department commissioned a panel of outside experts to examine what caused this tragic outcome. We thank the panel for their exhaustive efforts, findings, and recommendations. These findings will not only serve to make Lakewood a better department, they will benefit other law enforcement agencies and communities. Clearly no one thing or person is responsible for this tragedy. It is our hope that others learn from this so that no other department loses one of their officers in the line of duty, especially not in this way."

Earlier this year, 9NEWS reported Agent Braley was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

As of this publication Agent Braley remains on leave from the department.

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