KUSA - There is some hope in the midst of all the destruction from the Royal Gorge Fire.

A white buffalo calf was born in the western wildlife area of the park early Saturday morning.

The little calf was approraialy named Smokey, and its mother went through quite an ordeal before its birth.

"The mother had come through a tremendous amount of stress, a lot of heat a lot smoke," siad Mike Bandera, Royal Gorge Park General Manager. "The fact that she came through all of that so nicely [and] had a big healthy calf was somewhat of a miracle."

The herd Smokey was born in carries a white recessive gene. This means 25 percent of the calves are born white.

Native Americans consider a white buffalo a sacred sign and a sign of abundance.

A park manager at Royal Gorge tells 9NEWS all the animals in their wildfire park survived the fire.

"Safe zone" managers created a part of the wildlife area where there were no trees or grass. When the fire started, the animals did migrate to that area and lived.