CENTENNIAL - The judge overseeing the Colorado theater shooting case decided to give the psychiatrists more time to review the suspect's mental health before the trial begins in February 2013.

Theater shooting suspect James Holmes' trial had been scheduled to begin in February, but the state mental hospital argued they could not complete his mental evaluation until mid-September - nearly two months later than Judge Carlos A. Samour originally planned.

Samour reconsidered the timing of the trial and other proceedings during a hearing on Tuesday. He decided he wants to stick with the scheduled Feb. 3 trial date, but he is allowing the Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo more time to do the mental examinations. They now have until Sept. 16. The trial in February 2014 is expected to last three weeks.

The hospital says the delay is partly because the psychiatrist has to review some of the 40,000 pages of evidence in the case.

The mental hospital doctors were given permission by the judge to interview other doctors who have previously interviewed or treated Holmes. Those other doctors will be allowed to waive their doctor-patient privilege in order to talk to the doctors at the mental facility.

The judge also addressed the planned two-week long jury selection. He says 5,000 summons will be distributed. Before the trial, the judge says he will swear in 400 people in the morning and 400 people in the afternoon, two days a week for two weeks until they have enough to fill a jury.

Holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 at a suburban Denver movie theater in July.

He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The trial cannot begin until the sanity evaluation is completed.

Holmes appeared different in court on Tuesday. He had a different haircut, his beard was trimmed and looked more clean cut, according to 9NEWS Crime and Justice Reporter Anastasiya Bolton.

Related to the Holmes trial, the Fox News reporter - who reportedly leaked a notebook that Holmes mailed to a psychiatrist before the attack at the movie theater - will appear in a hearing on Sept. 30. Her defense team is asking to see the contents of the notebook in order to form a better defense for their client Jana Winter. Media reports have said the notebook contains violent drawings. The prosecution said they do not want the contents of the notebook shown to a third party and likened it to giving out the notebook on the 16th Street Mall.