AURORA - The five-and-a-half month search for a man accused of defrauding the life savings of a 71-year-old woman came to an end in Berkeley, Calif. Chris Rodriguez was arrested by fugitive recovery agents, Reed McInroy and Charles Price on a felony arrest warrant out of Aurora. Rodriguez was then turned over the Berkeley Police Department. He is being held there pending extradition to Colorado.

Police believe Rodriguez stole $300,000 from his 71-year-old victim and ran up more than $60,000 in credit card debt on her accounts before fleeing in January. Rodriguez married his victim in 2011 after he did her taxes.

Investigators with the Aurora Police Department discovered Rodriguez was married to another woman in Colorado at the time of his marriage to his 71-year-old victim. Both women say they lost money to Rodriguez. Aurora Police believe there are at least three other women who lost money to Rodriguez.

"It has been devastating for my mom and incredibly difficult for our family. It is life changing," the victim's daughter said. 9News is not using the victim or her daughter's name to protect their identity.

The daughter of the victim is grateful for the efforts of the Aurora police in tracking Rodriguez.

"They were confident he was in California and they were definitely zeroing in on him. He was going to the same Starbucks every day, visiting the same venues, so they knew pretty much where he was," she said. "My hope is that he will be convicted and that he's going to spend the rest of his life behind bars. The perfect scenario would be he's got a stash of money and we would receive something."

Whether the elderly victim is able to recover any of her life savings or not, the family has this message for the community.

"Beware, these predators are out there and they are smooth talkers and they're going to prey on people who are lonely and looking for a partner, a companion and they don't care," the victim's daughter said.