DENVER - The Colorado Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against an air duct company that was the subject of a 9Wants to Know investigation about its advertising.

The attorney general announced it brought a civil lawsuit and temporary restraining order against The Finest Duct Cleaning last week for alleged problems with advertising.

9Wants to Know put the The Finest Duct Cleaning to the test in an undercover investigation in February.

The company said it would clean ducts at our test house for $40. The offer included unlimited vents, one main-line duct, one return line and furnace cleaning.

When the company arrived, an employee told us we had more lines than the offer allowed.

He then told us cleaning would cost $360.

If we wanted to only get the $40 offer, the employee told us we'd have to still pay extra to have access holes drilled in our vents.

Each hole would cost $25, The Finest Duct Cleaning employee told our undercover producer.

Cleaning the home's air ducts would not have been possible without paying the extra money, an employee told a 9NEWS producer.

The attorney general's office said many other people had complained saying they experienced similar situations as we did when we went undercover.

The company advertised that it would clean a home's air ducts for $34.99 or $39.99, the attorney general's court filing says.

"When technicians arrive (sic) to begin service, however, the price jumped substantially. After receiving numerous complaints, an investigation revealed that the true price averaged more than $300 per job," Attorney General spokeswoman Carolyn Tyler said in a news release.

"The Temporary Restraining Order prohibits the defendants from making misleading advertisements about their prices and the quality of their services," she said.

It also requires the company's owner to meet certain basic standards of competence as set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, she said.

Viewers who have concerns about the company can contact the Attorney General's Office at 800-222-444 or file a complaint at

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