KUSA - In February 2014, the Russian resort town of Sochi will host the Olympic Winter Games, which you can see on NBC and 9NEWS.

9NEWS wanted to introduce you to Russia and its people, and who better to do that than Anastasiya Bolton -who's originally from Russia.

She returned to her native home recently, and Monday kicks off a series of reports called "From Moscow to Sochi" which begins with the question of whether Coloradans even know where Sochi is located.

In Colorado - the land of big winter sports, of skiers, snowboarders and hockey fans - it's a legitimate question to ask people who's hosting the next Winter Olympic Games.

9NEWS asked people on the streets of Denver if they knew where Sochi is?

"I do not," told us one passerby.

"Who is the host of the next winter Olympic Games?" asked Bolton.

"Brazil? Oh, Winter Olympics? I have no idea," another woman said.

"If I gave you a clue that it's the host of the next winter Olympic Games, would that be helpful?" Bolton said.

"Could [be]," Andrew Bueno said, who 9NEWS cornered walking on South Broadway. "A few options. I'm guessing Alps, some of the high reaches of Nepal, or I guess somewhere in the Rocky range. [It] doesn't help. I'm sorry, I tried. If you were to look at a Russian map, would you know where Sochi is?" asked Bolton of another unsuspecting geography lesson victim on South Broadway.

"It's gotta be in the Ural Mountains because it's the winter Olympics, correct?" answered Jay Dedrick, certainly in hopes of getting it right.

To be fair, earlier in our chat, Dedrick did know the country to host the Winter Olympic Games, he knew it was Russia, the first of our several contestants.

But Dedrick wasn't right on the location of the said Games. The Caucuses Mountains will be the site of many Olympic events and if Russians have it their way, a site where the World comes to ski for years after the Olympics.

To make Coloradans feel a little better, Russia doesn't know where Colorado is either.

"Nyet," told us one woman waiting for her train at a Sochi train station.

A universal word, isn't it? 9NEWS asked Russians in Sochi about Denver, Colo.

"Nyet, how would I know," another man said.

Another female passenger laughed at our question about the location of Denver.

"Haha, nyet, I don't know. I think it's in the South somewhere," she said.

As we know, Denver is not in the South, but Sochi definitely is.

It may be difficult to imagine the host of the Winter Olympic Games is a summer beach vacation destination, but they have mountains and in the winter, they ski.


Sochi is 1,000 miles south of Moscow. A two-day, difficult drive, we did it in three because we stopped along the way to do stories.

It was an adventure for my American friends, especially when one of my partners decided to try a Russian energy drink which sent his face into a contorting nightmare.

What you should know is Sochi is on the banks of the Black Sea in the south of Russia.

It's about the size of Anaheim, California. If you could ski near Disneyland, that would be Sochi.

Next Monday, 9NEWS Reporter Matt Renoux will take is to Sochi and explain how palm trees can live along side snow.