KUSA - Teenage girls in town for a softball tournament were the first to help a 22-year-old man severely injured by a boat propeller at Horsetooth Reservoir Sunday night.

Police say everyone in the boat, from 19 to 22 years of age, had been drinking.

"Nobody has an idea what we saw," said Jolene Majel, who was with her fellow teammates from Southern California.

The girls were taking pictures and enjoying themselves after a softball tournament.

"We heard him screaming," said Kayla Carroll, Majel's teammate.

The girls looked to the water, where they saw the man struggling. Nobody in the boat went in to help.

"They weren't trying to help at all, and actually when it happened, they knew they were going to get in trouble with the police. They tried to leave," Carroll said.

That's when Majel went in the water and pulled the man to a rock on shore.

"When I saw him there, and he was freaking out, I just felt like I had to go in there and pull him out of the water," Majel said.

Chris Lippe is a parent who traveled from California with the team. He saw how quickly the girls responded before any of the adults were able to get to the shore.

"He basically kind of got sucked into the propeller and his whole right side was kind of cut up," Lippe said. "In my opinion, if they weren't there at that moment, he probably would not be alive."

What they experienced was traumatic.

"It's been hard sleeping," Majel said.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office provided a counselor for the girls on Monday night.

"It's been tough on all of us, I think, but with the support of each other and the rest of our team, we've all been getting better," Carroll said.

No charges have been filed in connection with Sunday's incident. The Larimer County Sherriff's Office says they are still investigating.