KUSA - It's no secret that sunscreen should be your go-to when it comes from protecting you from the sun, but certain foods can also help protect your skin.

Here's a list:

Strawberries: Researchers say the presence of anthocyanins in this fruit (the compound responsible for strawberries' red color) may help protect against sunlight. They cite anti-inflammatory properties as their main UV fighting power.

Tomatoes: The sun-fighting power in tomatoes can be attributed to the antioxidant pigment lycopene, which addition to giving tomatoes their red color also protects skin cells from sun exposure.

Leafy greens: This superfood is packed with skin-protecting antioxidants. One study found that eating leafy green vegetables helped protect some skin cancer patients from a reoccurrence of the disease.

Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory powers - which research suggest can protect skin cells from damage and even offer protection against cancer.

Chocolate: Flavanoids in chocolate may improve the skin's ability to protect against skin damage. In addition, they can help keep your skin hydrated, increase oxygen saturation and boost blood flow.