GOLDEN - Anyone who has moved knows it is a lot of work can be a headache. Jaime Kingery calls her family's recent move a nightmare.'

Some furniture was undelivered after six weeks, items are broken, and the Kingery says answers are hard to come by.

Kingery sent a newstip to 9Wants to Know.

"I love the house but coming inside and trying to deal with everything right now is really hard," Kingery said. "[It's] a nightmare that has turned into a horror show."

Kingery signed a contract with King Moving & Storage back in April. For around $5,000 they would pack up her stuff, temporarily store it, and move it to her new house on May 18.

The family says many items that arrived were in rough shape.

"It looked like a tornado had hit the back of this truck," Kingery said.

She took pictures on moving day which showed piles of furniture, gashes in the wood, broken glass.

"And these guys are supposed to be professionals," Kingery said.

She says those professional packers did make sure to double wrap cans of tuna.

"They all came through un-dented," Kingery said.

Kingery made a list of damaged items and a list of missing items, including the mattress, televisions, furniture, and dishes.

"We slept on the floor for the first 11 days," Kingery said, adding they are missing "Between 45 and 50 boxes as near as we can tell."

The items have been sitting in a warehouse on the 2100 block of S. Wabash St. in Denver for more than a month-and-a-half.

Kingery says they even received boxes belonging to other families, containing personal photos, with no information to track them down.

The owner of King Moving & Storage Tod Holley said he was too busy to meet in person, but 9Wants to Know did reach him on the phone.

Holley says they tried delivering the rest of the furniture, and tried sending someone to inspect and repair broken items, but conflicts on both sides have made scheduling difficult.

A King Moving & Storage employee called during our interview Wednesday afternoon to make a repair appointment for Friday morning.

"Every time we talk to somebody, the story changes," Kingery said.

Kingery stopped payment on her credit card, a move Holley is fighting because he says moving services were provided.

In an email to 9Wants to Know, Holley wrote:

"Even though the customer has not paid her bill for the move it has never been our intention to deny this customer her claim. We agree that there are broken items and we intend to service this claim," Holley said.

Holley also promised to have the rest of the furniture delivered on Wednesday, although the family tells 9Wants to Know nobody has called and no truck has arrived.

Kingery hopes her six weeks of fighting will soon be over.

"We were supposed to be moved in. We're still battling it," Kingery said.

The Better Business Bureau got more than 8-thousand moving company complaints last year.

The BBB websites says King Moving & Storage has "no rating" due to "numerous complaints" which are being evaluated.

Holley says he works to resolve all complaints and will do the same in this case.

Holley estimates his company performs 400 moves per month and believes the number of complaints, listed as 8 on the BBB website, is small in comparison to the volume of his business.

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