BRIGHTON - The City of Brighton is advising people to boil their drinking water for at least one minute before using it.

The advisory was issued Wednesday after a routine water sample from outside a housecame back positive for E. coli.

When the original test came in positive Monday, they tested that site again as well as upstream and downstream users. The original site came back clean but a neighboring site tested positive for a less serious bacteria.

The State Department of Public Health and Environment says two positives in one area suggests possible contamination in the system.

The state health department has issued a Tier 1 alert, the most serious level, which requires Brighton to notify all users within 24 hours.

The city says there is no indication that anything is wrong with Brighton's water system. It claims tests of the system came back negative for E. coli.

The city will continue to test the system but results will take 24 hours. The city will flush the affected area and check chlorine levels.

Tri County Health is assisting the city and was going restaurant-to-restaurant, telling them of what sanitation procedures to take.

Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton is still admitting patients. The hospital is handing out bottled water to its patients.

PVMC community relations director Daryl Meyers said the issue is not isolated to the hospital.

"It's in the community as a whole," Meyers said. "We're moving ahead with the precautions we need to take."

Health officials say they have not gotten any notice of people becoming sick from the E. coli.

The city council held a special meeting Monday evening.

The state issues 50 to 60 Tier 1 advisories a year, with E. coli making up 5 to 10, the second most common type.

The city's water system serves more than 34,000 people in city limits.