KUSA - The teenager accused of kidnapping and killing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was back in court on Wednesday.


Austin Sigg's defense team filed a motion to seek and interview an expert on adolescent brain development. The prosecution expressed concern that the defense is working to set up a mental-state defense in the case. The defense says it simply wants to protect its case and address all pre-trial legal issues.

The judge granted the defense's motion.

With the granted motion, the defense will have to reveal the name and credentials of the expert in one week. The experts full report will have to be disclosed on Aug. 5.

The expert may not speak directly about Sigg's state, but more generically, according to the defense team. The judge will determine whether the prosecution will bring in rebuttal witnesses.

At the last hearing in June, lawyers for Sigg asked the court for a change of venue and to close the court proceedings to the public.

Sigg has pleaded not guilty in Ridgeway's death and in the attack on a jogger five months earlier.