KUSA - It's awkward to talk about sex, but it's probably even more awkward to tell your partner that you're unexpectedly pregnant or have an STI. That's where the Beforeplay campaign comes in.

"The goal is really to encourage young people here in Colorado to have good conversations about pregnancy, birth control and STDs," Beforeplay spokesperson Greta Klinger said.

Fifty percent of Colorado's pregnancies are unintended, and that rate is even higher for young adults in their 20s, Klinger said. To offer resources to those young people, Beforeplay is taking to bars, community events, concerts and social media to spread the word about safe sex.

The goal of Beforeplay is to "normalize" the conversations around sexual health and wellbeing, according to the groups website. It's part of a public/private partnership between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Initiative to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy.

"We're giving people the tools and information they need to ask the questions to make healthy decisions," Klinger said.

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