AURORA - Tom Teves does not mince words. Not when talking about the loss of his son Alex in a theater in Aurora. And not when he accuses the news media of having blood on its hands by giving attention to killers.

Teves and his wife Caren started the Alex Teves Challenge to encourage journalists to omit the name and photo of suspected mass murderers from news coverage.

"You guys needs to be responsible for what you do," said Tom Teves. "You guys could change overnight. All you have to do is have the courage to stop."

"The whole premise of the challenge was to take the notoriety away from people who commit acts of violence, to not give them an outlet that maybe they seek," said Caren Teves.

The Teves family is convinced that less attention on mass murderers will result in less mass murder.

"I'm hoping for one network to stand up and have the courage to stop," said Tom Teves.

"Even if I'm 10 percent right, that's just with Aurora and Newtown, you have three, four dead bodies on your hands," said Tom Teves. "How can you live with yourselves?"

Teves said it's fair game to examine a killer's background and motivation, but that can be done without using the killer's name and photo.

"If you're going to publicize someone, publicize the victims," Tom Teves said.

More information on the Alex Teves Challenge can be found here.