MEAD, Colo. - A woman from Mead stumbled upon a mystery by chance. She could have left it for someone else to dealt with, but given the situation she found herself in a few months back, she made it her mission to solve the puzzle.

"I was just going to Costco to do a shopping trip," Lisa Hebert said.

Hebert was driving along Highway 7 in Thornton when she noticed something in the roadway.

"Right in the intersection I noticed a camera," she said. "After I went up the road, I decided to turn around and pick it up."

The camera had been run over and barely worked, but the SD card inside it was in perfect condition.

"I could see there are some pictures on there that would be important to someone," Hebert said.

There are pictures of a young Navy man on what appears to be an important occasion for him, as well as pictures of a young woman with a child and many more.

"More family oriented photos on there, photos of kids," Hebert said.

Naturally, as a photographer, something like this would be important to Lisa. But this was even more important.

Only a few months before Hebert found the camera, she lost a camera of her own. It was worth more than $2,500. No one ever returned it. It wasn't so much the fact she lost the camera, it was the memory card inside that had so many pictures.

"Luckily I didn't have pictures of clients, but I did have personal pictures that I had recently taken," Hebert said. "The only thing that's irreplaceable is those photos. You can't ever get that back".

Often times we hear about the bad people in the world, but here's the story of a woman who even when dealt a bad hand, still decided to reach hers out.

"It's very important that I find whoever it belongs to," Hebert said.

If you happen to recognize anyone in the pictures, contact Lisa Hebert via her website.