DENVER - The Civil Service Commission announced the reversal of two police officer discipline rulings Friday. It also announced that a Denver District Court affirmed a disciplinary ruling issued by the Civil Service Commission.

The Civil Service Commission ruled there was not enough evidence against Officers Joshua Herrick and Thomas Sanchez to rule they had made a false report in January of 2010 when they requested a welfare check on another officer.

Herrick and Sanchez were accused of falsely requesting the welfare check on an officer who was their friend after they knew he called in sick. Herrick and Sanchez allegedly called for the welfare check because they thought the other officer was avoiding answering his door because he didn't want to be served after failing to pay a photo-red-light ticket.

Herrick and Sanchez were also cleared of committing a deceptive act.

In another decision, the Civil Service Commission upheld a Manager of Safety's disciplinary order against Officer Rick Guzman for an August 2007 incident where video showed him getting rough with a suspected shoplifter outside a K-mart on South Broadway in Denver.

The alleged incident came to light after a media outlet received video of Guzman pushing a man into a wall and then taking him down to the ground by pulling hair.

While on the ground, Guzman put his knee in the suspect's head and neck region.

The Manager of Safety suspended Guzman for four days. A Civil Service hearing officer reversed that decision, but the newest ruling overrules the hearing officer.

"The Manager of Safety's disciplinary order is reinstated in its entirety," the order reads.

The district court upheld the Civil Service Commission's decision to fire Officers David Torrez and Jose Palomares.

Both were accused of refusing an order to stop a high-speed pursuit of an auto theft suspect in January of 2010.

The officers continued pursuing a vehicle through residential streets and a school zone and Torrez's vehicle eventually crashed with the suspect's car and came to rest in the yard of a home.

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