DENVER - When Azita Ghaderi lived in Iran, she was not allowed to go to college, because of her religion. So, she came to Denver with hopes of improving herself. Now, she will get a little help from the Emily Griffith Technical College.

"Studying gives every person wings to fly," Ghaderi said. "It's very important for us to study, especially for my sons."

Ghaderi is Baha'i, a faith that is different than Islam. Baha'i followers all across Iran have been persecuted and Ghaderi came to the United States just seven months ago with her family to escape. When she arrived here, she just started to learn English.

"Refugees when received to the United States have a lot of problems," Ghaderi said. "They don't have any job. They don't have any work. They don't have any money."

The Emily Griffith Foundation is using $30,000 for a scholarship program specifically to help refugees and those seeking political asylum attain a degree certificate from the Emily Griffith Technical College. Ghaderi wants to be a pharmacy technician. But, the scholarship can be used in a variety of programs from cosmetology to welding to accounting technician. If you are interested in applying click here to find out more:

Ghaderi is thankful she received part of the scholarship money. Emily Griffith plans to provide around $100,000 in scholarships to refugees or asylees in 2014.

"I think I am full of happiness," Ghaderi said. "There isn't any way in my country to study."