KUSA - If you know anyone with diabetes, you know it can be dangerous and costly.

A new study at the CU Medical Center is helping patients save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on medical expenses.

9NEWS reporter Vida Urbonas talked to the Colorado team on the study.

Dr. Neda Rasouli is the principal investigator on the study in Colorado.

"We have almost 28 million people with Type II Diabetes in the U-S. We have 178 billion dollars contributed to manage diabetes annually," Rasouli said.

That's why the CU School of Medicine and the Denver VA Medical Center are taking part in a new five year study from the National Institutes of Health.

The goal of the study? Doctors want to find out which combination of medications is best for different patients.

"The question is to find out what is the best treatment for diabetes and how we can compare medications to find out the more effective way of managing diabetes,"Rasouli said.

Patients are usually put on Metformin at first, but Dr. Rasouli says that after four to five years, people often need to be put on more medication.

Sara Douglass is a physician assistant working on the study.

"We'll switch them over to the study Metformin for free throughout the trial. After that, they will be put on one of the four treatments. The first two are oral medications. The other two are injectables," Douglass said.

All of the diabetes medications in the study are already approved and on the market.

If you qualify for the grade study, your medications will be free.

The study also allows patients to see diabetes specialists.

It even covers travel costs to appointments.

Inclusion criteria is:
1) Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes for less than 5 years

2) Diagnosed at age 30 or older, or 20 or older if American Indian

3) Taking Metformin alone for diabetes treatment (medications for other conditions are generally accepted).

Email or call 720-848-7173 for more information on the study.

General website for study is: