DENVER - Friends of Sandra Roskilly say she was an amazing person who was kind to everyone. Those closest to her say she never met a stranger and would give the shirt off of her back to anyone.

Amy Painter says she and Roskilly would go for walks almost every day. Roskilly was 47 years old and battled obesity for years. But one day, she decided she wanted to change her life and get healthy. Painter say in just one year Roskilly lost more than 200 pounds.

"Her determination to lose weight and the time period she did it in was amazing. She tried to exercise and do chores and things she wouldn't have normally done before because of the weight she had on her. But she did it," Painter said.

Friday morning, Denver police responded to South Irving street for an active shooter. When they arrived, they say they were confronted with the suspect they have identified as 31-year-old Daniel Abeyta. Investigators say Abeyta shot at a propane tank, forcing them to shoot back. He was struck in the shoulder. Police say shortly after, they found one person shot and killed, and another was injured.

"We were hoping and hoping and hoping it wasn't her. But, then later on we found out that it was confirmed. It was her," Painter said.

Roskilly didn't make it, but her family and friends say she will forever be remembered as a kind and loving woman who changed so many lives.