KUSA - Denver Police say the man accused of killing one woman, injuring another and then booby-trapping a street was scheduled to be in court Monday morning.

But the advisement hearing was postponed because 31-year-old Daniel Abeyta is still in the hospital in critical condition.
Abeyta was shot in the chest Friday by an officer responding to a report of a shooting in the Harvey Park neighborhood.

Investigators say Abeyta killed his neighbor, 47-year-old Sandy Roskilly. Police have not identified the other victim who remains in serious condition.

Roskilly's brother says that she knew her next door neighbors had marital and domestic-violence problems.

He believes his sister likely heard a fight on Friday morning, went out on her porch to help and was shot and killed by Abeyta.

Police Chief Robert White said Abeyta also had two or three propane tanks with gunpowder on top and had placed them in the middle of the street. He said the man fired at one of them and it "activated," but no one was injured.

Before he was shot, Abeyta was seen walking with his weapons. Police alerted residents to stay inside and a high school was put on lockdown. He was shot within about a half hour of that warning.