KUSA - A metro-area neighborhood is facing serious health concerns because of the behavior of one of its residents.

Neighbors say for several months the woman has been going to the bathroom outside in her yard near her fence.

"When I went over, it was terrible," said neighbor, Jolene Tuckett "It smelled like an outhouse."

People living in a section of Centennial say they've been dealing with the health hazard for nine months.

Residents believe the woman living on the property has mental health issues. They say she lives alone and has been seen relieving herself in this same spot, repeatedly.

"I didn't want to go look but I did," Tuckett said. "I believe it because I could see it through the fence."

"We've asked for help and nothing seems to be getting done," neighbor Tiffany Maytum said.

Community members have filed three complaints with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office since January. One woman claims she's caught 13 rats, in a two week period since then.

Deputies responded to each call but say, in this scenario, no laws were broken.

"It's a community issue," said Chief Vince Line, with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

The woman in the home didn't answer the door when 9NEWS stopped by. Officials say she has refused help.

"What we can do in certain circumstances is limited," Line said.

Line explains he could need more complaints before he can do anything more. So for now, his office is looking for help.

"We work with other partners and offices to try to help remedy the situation. But beyond that, from a criminal strand point we've done what we can do," he said.

Yet help is still is necessary, for a woman in need and a neighborhood searching for a solution.

"We just want it to stop," Tuckett said. "We just want it to go away and nobody is doing anything."

The Tri-County Health Department has served the woman several violation notices. These officials say they first learned about the situation May.

This month, the department filed a court order which is required to gain access to the backyard.