DENVER - Whether you're into football or not, here's some good news.

On Sunday, some local teens are connecting the theme of the big game to the concept of giving back.

Youth members of Central Presbyterian Church held a Souper Bowl of Caring, dishing up soup after church services in exchange for donations.

Many of the teens involved just finished one week of the SNAP challenge in which they attempted to to eat on the same budget as food stamp recipients - only $4.50 a day.

"It was just kind of humbling for us to see different sides of our community and see that some people are living like that and it was important for us to experience that for ourselves," Sydney Stevens, Central Presbyterian Church member, said.

"I think having a perspective of what you're giving towards will help you understand why you're giving," Bryson Brooks, Central Presbyterian Church member, said.

Donations from Sunday's event go to Metro Care Ring, one of Denver's largest hunger-relief programs.

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