DENVER- When we think of concussions, we usually think of athletes. Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker missed several games this season while recovering from one. While athletes may experience more concussions than the average person, they can happen to anyone and even one can have long term effects.

Former Bronco Jeb Putzier is now undergoing an alternative therapy for concussions. As a tight end with the Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, Putzier took thousands of hits, which he says resulted in hundreds of concussions.

Putzier left the Broncos and football in 2005 and he says he continues to suffer side effects from years of concussions.

"I was having trouble sleeping. Word finding was a really tough one. Even playing my guitar, I had trouble remembering the lyrics or talking," Putzier said.

These days, Putzier says he's feeling better. Under the care of Dr. Shane Steadman, a Chiropractic Neurologist in Englewood, Putzier is undergoing what's called visual re-stabilization.

"When people have concussions, very often what happens is their whole visual system gets thrown off," Dr. Steadman said. "What we try to do is bring those pieces back together."

To do that, Putzier is put through a series of visual exercises, including one where he tries to focus on a moving target.

"The better we can get the visual system to communicate with the rest of the brain and how the brain communicates with the visual system, we start to see changes in how people can live their life," said Dr. Steadman.

Putzier says he's already seeing results, "Having this has been helpful in my job and everything I do daily, just going around and being normal, instead of having those mood swings."

9Health Reporter Dr. John Torres says it's important to remember that concussions affect everyone differently, so while this treatment may work for Putzier, it may not work for someone else. As always, its best to talk with your doctor first.

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