KUSA - Furniture Mart, with stores in Fort Morgan and Sterling, plans to honor a promotion it ran in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

It will hand out nearly $200,000 in refunds to customers.

The promotion was called "Kickoff Payoff."

"If either team runs the kickoff for the first or second half back for a touchdown, all the furniture that was purchased for the weekend was free," said Josh Becker with Furniture Mart.

It happened in the second half of the Super Bowl.

The deal was offered last year and happened as well with the Ravens.

"Last year, they ran the second half kickoff for a touchdown and we refunded all of their purchases," said Becker.

He says last year's totals were around $120,000. This year's total will be closer to $200,000.

"We're a little crazy," said Becker, smiling. "We really want to pay back our community. Our customers are really important to us."

He hopes to complete the refunds by the end of the week.

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