DENVER - A woman came to the defense of her boyfriend who is accused of killing her 2-year-old son.

Denver Police arrested 25-year-old Quinton Stanley Saturday morning. Officers were called to the Star Motel on Peoria Street hours earlier after he called 911.

In court documents, a detective investigating the incident said authorities responded to the Star Motel on Peoria Avenue around 1 a.m..

Stanley told detectives he was giving his girlfriend's two children a bath when one of the toddlers fell unconscious after slipping and hitting his head. Police arrested Stanley and preliminarily charged him with murder after hospital officials said the child spit up water during resuscitation attempts and found multiple blows to the head.

The child's mother, Necoyia Smith, says the motel room had been a temporary home for her and her children. She believes this was an accident.

"I don't feel like he would hurt my baby intentionally," Smith said. "There's no way. He was good with kids."

Smith says her boyfriend called her crying letting her know about what happened. She rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

"It was just horrible seeing my son laying there, breathless and cold."

The same day Stanley was arrested, Smith posted a video on Facebook showing her son and daughter, playing side by side with her boyfriend.

"He was a little, cute, fat guy," Smith says, "He loved to eat. He loved to dance. He liked playing with his sister."

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