KUSA - Olympic gold medalist and bestselling author Gabby Douglas has quite the story to tell.

Coming from relative obscurity, Douglas was one of the "Fierce Five" who won gymnastics gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Douglas also became the first African-American gymnast to win the individual all-around gold medal at the Olympics.

A fairy-tale ending, but it was her journey where she needed her support.

Lifetime networks decided to help her share that story, something to coincide with her bookGrace, Gold and Glory.

Focusing on her early life to the Olympic gold, Douglas says the movie was made to help others.

"We wanted to share that. If you have a challenge, and you want to overcome it, you can."

The Gabby Douglas Story tells of the struggles of a family trying to pay for a dream and the desire to quit in adversity.

Douglas wanted to quit before the Olympics, but family and friends kept her pursuing her dream.

"I was crying for several months," Douglas said.

She had a change of heart and decided to continue her dream.

"This is my decision and I need to suck it up and just push through this."

Push through she did, and Douglas has Olympic Champion next to her name.

Yet, that isn't what she wants everyone to get from this movie.

"It wasn't just going to London. It was about what we went through, what we had to overcome."

"We wanted to share that with you guys."

The Gabby Douglas Story is playing on Lifetime throughout February.

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