DENVER - A state house committee unanimously voted to kill a bill aimed at strengthening restrictions to prohibit medically impaired people from driving.

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In a packed hearing room at the state Capitol, Rep. Don Coram (R-Montrose) said he hoped his proposal had started a valuable conversation on the topic, and stressed that the issue could come up again in future years.

Coram drafted the bill because of the story of the Stollsteimer family, which lost five members in a 2011 car wreck in Thornton.

The driver of the other car was cleared of all charges, which were filed because prosecutors believed she had a duty to be off the road. The woman had recurring seizures.

The committee heard from Kathleen Simmon, who survived a similar crash, support the bill.

However, the vast majority of the people who testified were opposed due to concerns about the rights of patients.

Opponents argue that the current system of voluntary reporting by doctors is sufficient to alert the DMV to people who may be unsafe behind the wheel.

Coram's bill would have strengthened penalties against people who drive despite objections from their doctors. It would also have provided immunity from court action to doctors who voluntarily report certain medical conditions to the state.

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