KUSA - It's practically Valentine's Day, but one woman in Denver says she's still waiting to get the package her mom mailed her for Christmas.

Jen Belden's mom lives in New York and sent her a box of presents, along with a check, for her, her husband and their dog, Nathan.

That was Dec. 10. The package never came.

Since then, her mom has spent hours on the phone trying to track the box down. The tracking number online says the box was undeliverable and would be returned the sender, but the box has not turned up at her mom's house, either.

Belden works from home and says she never got a notice on her door the day the post office says they tried to deliver it.

9NEWS contacted the U.S. Postal Service Tuesday. The Postmaster in Denver as well as in New York are now looking into the lost box.

A spokesperson in Denver says they're working to reunite the family with their gifts and they've put in a claim for the package at their Mail Recovery Center in Georgia.

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