KUSA - For millions of music lovers around the world Gloria Gaynor's name is synonymous with pop music.

An undisputed disco sensation, she was enjoying tremendous success in the 1970's, performing to sold-out audiences across the country and riding the top of the Billboard chart with her hit single, "I Never Can Say Goodbye".

While performing a concert in New York City, Gaynor fell from the stage. She got back up and continued the performance, but the next morning she woke up unable to move. The singer required back surgery and a lengthy, painful recovery, and she nearly lost her recording contract.

At the request of the label she went back into the studio (in a back brace) to record a cover version of a Righteous Brothers song called "Substitute". The hastily selected B-side chosen for the single...a little tune you may have heard of called "I Will Survive" which is now a legendary disco classic.

"I Will Survive" transcended from a surprise hit to a pop culture anthem --an international inspiration for people everywhere struggling to find the courage

Gaynorwas so touched by people's stories about the song and what it's meant to them over the years, she's collected them into a new book "We Will Survive." The real-life experiences comefrom people from all walks of life - from an Oklahoma Bombing rescuer to a 9/11 mother to a Holocaust survivor.

Gaynor discusses her own personal life struggles in the bookincluding the murder of her sister and the break-up of her marriage.

"I still love singing it in concert," she says. "I sing the song to myself every time I face a problem. It always works.

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