DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - If you're thinking of changing careers, Denver Public Schools (DPS) is recruiting business professionals to teach in its classrooms - no teaching experience required.

Denver Teacher Residency Program (DTR) and Denver Teach Today (DTT) are unique programs designed to prepare, license, hire and keep skilled teachers in DPS classrooms.

They provide alternative ways for professionals who already have a bachelor's degree to transition from a different career and go into teaching.

DTR is a more time-intensive, in-depth program that puts professionals in the classroom for an entire school year before licensing them to teach on their own. DTT is an accelerated, fast-tracked, five-week course designed to quickly prepare professionals for teaching in DPS.

Teachers who go through DTR earn a master's degree from the University of Denver, have supported time teaching in the classroom and are guaranteed a job in DPS. Once teachers finish their fourth year teaching in the district, they receive full reimbursement of their tuition in the program.

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