SOCHI, Russia - Named for the Olympic Stadium, a stray dog named Fisht won't be capturing any medals at the games, but she'll take home something much more valuable: the heart of a Colorado man who has nursed her back to health.

Neil Dreher lives in Denver, but has been working in Sochi, Russia on the Olympic ceremonies over the past few weeks.


"Throughout Sochi, there are hundreds of stray dogs. On the Olympic work site we have had daily visits from some of the friendliest, most social stray dogs I've ever seen," Dreher said.

One of those strays Dreher has dubbed 'Fisht.' According to the veterinarian, Fisht is between one and two years old.

When Dreher first noticed the dog, she was accompanied by three other puppies, who appeared equally kind and good-natured.

Dreher says one of those pups disappeared and was never seen again.

Since the other two were sick, a group of Olympic workers packed the dogs into a cab and brought them to the veternarain.

Sadly, the two young puppies were too sick and needed to be euthanized.

But Fisht and Dreher persevered. With four trips to the vet and a month's time, she has received all of her shots and her international travel passport.

To keep her safe, Dreher says he has boarded her in a local kennel, where she's warm, fed, and well taken care of while he works.

"The plan is to get her home to Denver. So far she has been vaccinated, microchipped, and has her passport. She needs a flight home, and she's staying at the only kennel in the Sochi region that had availability, which is 500 rubles per night, not including food," Dreher wrote on the online crowdfunding website

"It all costs a lot of Rubles!" he added.

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