KUSA - Dozens of people hoping for marijuana legalization in Wyoming marched in a "Walk for Weed" Monday in Cheyenne.

They came from all over Wyoming, and even from Colorado.
"It's been a war on people, and we're down here to tell them that it's time for it to stop," said Christine Christian, the Executive Director of Wyoming NORML, the group that organized the walk.
She wants the state to legalize recreational marijuana.

"We want it legal!" she said.

But don't expect legal marijuana in Wyoming - at least not this year.

"If I was a predictor, I would say that it would have a rough road to hoe for a long time," said Republican Tony Ross, Wyoming's Senate President.

Ross says legalizing marijuana is not a legislative priority. He also believes it would lead to more driving fatalities in a state with lots of roads and inclement weather.

"There are skeptics. Let's put it this way, and I might be one of them with regards to the legalization of marijuana," Ross said.

But supporters of legal marijuana have been watching Colorado closely. Those with Wyoming NORML hope to get recreational pot legalized right away, instead of starting with medical.

They are hoping to gain traction in the 2016 legislative session.

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