KUSA - If you were in one of the 29,000 cars that went through the Eisenhower Tunnel on Sunday, you may have been one of the drivers stuck on the road for hours - as long as eight to ten hours in some cases- even though CDOT said traffic volume was normal for ski season weekend.

So are there any solutions in sight to prevent that kind of traffic back up from happening again?

"What we encountered yesterday was really something unique," said Amy Ford of CDOT. "Obviously, we had the high volume as we often do, but what we had in addition to that was heavy snows, snow-packed roads and the like."
Those problems led CDOT to shut down I-70 several times, leaving drivers with no option but to wait.

"The last few weekends are really, really busy. All of our parking here at the resort has been full," said Steve Hurlbert of Winter Park Resort. "So, we're experiencing super, super high volume, as far as skiers go on the weekends."

Winter Park is one of the businesses helping to spearhead some possible solutions. Along with other businesses, they are working with CDOT to offer special deals on food and lodging. The idea is to use an incentive to try and keep people at the resorts longer and avoid the Sunday log jam eastbound on I-70.

"Skiing should be fun and stress-free and you should be doing it to get away from some of the issues of sitting in traffic that you do all week, back in the city," Hurlbert said.

Road related improvements may be coming, too - like paving the eastbound shoulder to create a toll lane during peak times. That might not happen until 2015, though.

"Obviously, we work to manage that - to make sure we can manage the flow as well as we can, which is also why we launched the campaign to encourage people to think differently about how they travel," Ford said.

As for long-term ideas, like building a rail system, CDOT said they completed a feasibility study, which shows it is technically possible. Yet, the question of how to pay for it remains. CDOT is looking for public input on ideas to ease congestion.

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