DENVER - An organization that aims to help kids with cancer took a blow this weekend, when someone stole something very important to them.

Blue Star Connection was created 9 years ago by John Catt. Catt's goal was to give kids with cancer and other illnesses free instruments as a coping mechanism.

"It's basically music therapy," Catt said.

Over the weekend Catt traveled down to Colorado Springs to deliver some guitars to a group of kids at an event.

He stayed overnight at a hotel in Colorado Springs, but when he woke up on Saturday morning he discovered his car had been stolen along with the guitars inside it.

"I know whoever did this and took this stuff did it for money," Catt said.

Whoever did it, said Catt, likely didn't realize the importance of the instruments. All he hopes is that they stumble upon one of Blue Star's brochures scattered in his car.

"They'll pick up one of our brochures and they'll see a kid with no hair in a hospital bed playing a guitar they just stole," Catt said.

Late Monday night, Pueblo Police contacted Catt to tell him his car had been discovered abandoned in Pueblo.

They did not say whether the instruments were still inside it.

Blue Star Connection accepts used instruments to donate to kids with cancer and other illnesses. To learn more, you can visit the organization's website:

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