KUSA - A Broncos fan from Littleton who flew to New York City for the Super Bowl watched the game from a hospital room.

Marcus Greenwood said he was beaten by a man he doesn't know, for a reason he doesn't know.

He and his wife Gina, along with their friends, went to Mustang Harrys the night before the Super Bowl. It was advertised as a Broncos friendly bar and the group was having a great time until Greenwood said a man wearing dark clothes walked up to the table.

"The next thing I know, I'm getting beat up and face down on the table," he said.

Greenwood said he barely had time to think before it was over and he was left with severe injuries.

"Facial fractures all the way from my eye, even on the bottom of my skull - across the front of my lip. So my whole jaw was displaced," he said.

Marcus and his wife say the suspect ran away leaving no explanation. The Greenwoods first thought this may have been a Seahawks fan.
"He made a comment about, 'I'm not going to let you get away with it' and he was looking at Marcus and I thought, 'Oh rivalry.'"

But the man wasn't wearing Seahawks colors and he was overheard telling the owner of Mustang Harrys that he thought Greenwood beat up his brother.

The Greenwoods are left wondering what happened and why.
"Why would somebody do that? Why would somebody have that much hatred to go and do that?" he asked.

They sent 9NEWS an email from the detective assigned to their case saying he would email them a police report. Three days later, they say no report has been sent.
"That's the frustrating part, is trying to get progress updates from the police department there," Greenwood explained.

They say the hard part is over and the focus now, is recovery.
"If anyone goes through this, they should realize that the good people mean so much more," Greenwood's wife said.

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