SOCHI, Russia - It is virtually impossible for athletes to stay uninjured while competing in the Olympics.


Heidi Kloser got injured early on and used crutches in the opening ceremonies.

Team USA has a state-of-the-art facility in Sochi, headed by an orthopedic surgeon from Crested Butte.

Doctor Gloria Beim is the Chief Medical Officer for Team USA in Sochi. Beim says she would rather not be needed, of course, but if something happens, athletes have everything in Sochi to treat them.

"We have brought a lot of our equipment that we normally use at home," Beim said. "The athletes walk into our personal sports medicine clinic, which is in their housing, and they're familiar with everything. That makes a huge difference."

Gloria says what makes her job easier here is that she speaks Russian. She's been studying it for seven months in her car, which is amazing considering how hard Russian is.

But she gets around and says it helps the team that she can talk to the locals.

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