Sochi, RUSSIA - He fell in love with a stray in Sochi. Now, he has raised enough money to bring her safely home with him to Denver.

Named for the Olympic Stadium near where she was found, Fisht captured the heart of Neil Dreheras he was working in Sochi on the Olympic Ceremonies.

She was sick, and required multiple trips to the vet for vaccinations and license requirements.

Dreher is also paying to have her boarded at a local kennel so she stays safe and healthy until he returns to Colorado.

Dreher began an online fundraising effort on last week. Monday the effort paid off, surpassing its goal of $3,500 by nearly $500.

Dreher will use the money to continue to take care of Fisht while she is in Sochi, and then for expenses to fly her back to Denver.

Any extra money raised would be donated to the overwhelmed animal safe houses in Sochi, Dreher said.

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